Surgery Center

  • REAL Medical Care — Your care is always supervised by board-certified plasic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Morehouse. We obtain your detailed medical history to help ensure your safety. We're also able to refer you to other physicians within the group for medical care in other specialties.
  • Highly Trained Staff — Dr. Morehouse maintains board certification in plactic surgery, and that's important. Furthermore, all of our nurses hold Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification. Our aesthetician, Conrad Sanchez, holds the highest certification in his field.
  • State of the Art Technology — DaVita Medical Group Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery owns and uses Fraxel repair laser technology. Unlike other Fraxel lasers you may have heard of, the repair model requires just a single treatment to achieve the maximum level of benefits: pigmentation correction, fine line smoothing, and skin tightening. We're constantly evaluating our treatment instruments and upgrading to the best, safest technology available, in order to serve you at the highest level.
  • Continuum of Care — We've found most clients' needs change over time. You may start out just looking for a place to get Botox® or skincare, and as time goes on, you become interested in advanced skincare, dermal fillers, laser resurfacing, or surgical procedures. Well, we've got you covered–from aesthetician services through cosmetic surgery, you can have it all at DaVita Medical Group Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Confidentiality — Because we operate as part of a medical group, we're bound by federal laws regarding the confidentiality of medical records. Beyond that obligation, however, everyone on the DaVita Medical Group Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery staff is committed to safeguarding your medical information, and we all (including Dr. Morehouse) complete annual training on HIPAA compliance.
  • Quality — We use the highest quality products available in the industry, from skincare products to breast implants. Dr. Morehouse personally evaluates all products used at the plastic surgery center before they ever reach you, our client. Further, we engage in constant quality improvement initiatives to make your cosmetic procedure experience as safe, efficient, private and comfortable as possible.

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