47-year-old female breast augmentation with 300cc silicone implants. Infra-mammary incision, sub-muscular placement. Pre-op photo and 1mo. post-op photo.
30-year-old sub muscular augmentation, smooth round mod plus profile – saline implant with 450cc bilateral. Pre-op and 3mos post-op photos.
22-year-old female breast augmentation with silicone implants. Right breast has 500cc implant, left breast has 475cc implant. Peri-areolar incision. Pre-op photo and 3mo post-op photo.
36-year-old female full abdominoplasty with liposuction of outer thighs and breast augmentation. 650cc Silicone implants, sub-muscular placement with infra-mammary incision.
41-year-old female full abdominoplasty with breast augmentation – saline implants – right breast 400cc, left breast 420cc Sub-muscular placement with infra-mammary incision. Pre-op photo and 6mo post-op photo.
32-year-old female breast augmentation and abdominoplasty. Silicone implants- left 275cc, right 290cc – Submuscular placement with areolar incision. Pre-op photo and 2mo post-op photo.
45-year-old female Breast augmentation and left breast mastopexy (lift) with 450cc silicone implants, submuscular placement and areolar incision. Pre-op and 3mo post-op.
46-year-old female breast augmentation and abdominoplasty. Saline implants – right breast 300cc and left breast 275cc implant- submuscular placement with inframammary incision. Pre-op photo, 2mo post-op.

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