ScupltraDr. Morehouse is possibly the most experienced Sculptra injector in New Mexico. Sculptra may only be administered by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Sculptra is our choice for significant mid-face restoration and is sometimes referred to as “the liquid facelift.”


Sculptra adds volume to the cheek, temple, and nasolabial areas, and its effects are very long-lasting. While you'll see an immediate result from your Sculptra treatment, you need to be aware that the effect will appear to fade temporarily over the course of a few months before your body begins producing its own collagen, at which point you'll see the effects return over the long term. For your comfort, we mix a numbing agent (lidocaine) with our Sculptra prior to injecting, and Dr. Morehouse also numbs the injection sites. Clients with facial wasting due to certain drug therapies often respond well to Sculptra treatments.

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