FRAXEL® Laser re:pair

What if you could repair your skin, diminishing wrinkles and skin discoloration caused by the aging process? At DaVita Medical Group Plastic Surgery, this is possible with Fraxel® laser skin treatment.


About Fraxel® Laser Skin Treatment

Fraxel® laser skin treatments systematically improve skin tone, smoothing out fine lines and evening out skin discoloration, by treating minute sections of the skin. This type of selective treatment causes collagen to regenerate while not affecting the rest of the skin’s surface. The laser dives deep into the dermis in thousands of small dots on the face, leaving the surrounding areas unharmed. These unaffected areas help speed up the healing process while the treated areas promote skin improvement (rejuvenation tightening).


FRAXEL® Laser re:pairThe key difference between Fraxel® laser skin treatment and more traditional ablative methods is that Fraxel® does not affect all of the skin at once. Instead of a blanket surface treatment, Fraxel® laser treats pinpoint areas on the skin, penetrating small fractions by 400 to 700 microns – just deep enough to stimulate significant collagen regeneration. These treated areas begin to regenerate collagen and the surrounding non-affected areas help to speed up the recovery session and decrease post procedure redness.


In addition, Fraxel® can be used on any part of the body – it is not just for facial treatments. Delicate skin suffering from damage due to sun exposure on the neck or chest can be treated easily. Any part of the body is appropriate. The end result is impressive change to fine lines and wrinkles and a smoothing out of skin tone and color with minimal down time.


Fraxel re:pair Advantages

DaVita Medical Group Plastic Surgery offers New Mexico's only Fraxel re:pair laser. The re:pair model is the highest-powered Fraxel available. This model typically requires just one treatment to achieve full results.

Fraxel re:pair's cutting-edge technology offers several advantages over other systems:

    • Downtime has been reduced for most patients from at least two full weeks to about 10 days.
    • It requires just a single treatment, in most cases.
    • It's less painful than traditional laser resurfacing.
    • It treats pigmentation issues (such as age spots) better than old-style lasers.
    • It can treat many body areas, including face, eyelids, neck, decolletage (the upper chest area), hands, and forearms.
    • It tightens the skin better than other methods.


Fraxel re:pair can help clients who need:

      • To treat moderate to severe facial sun damage
      • To even out skin tone in clients with pigmentation issues
      • To treat “age spots” of the hands and restore a more youthful appearance
      • To help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes
      • To firm up crepe-y skin of the decolletage (the area above the breasts)


DaVita Medical Group Plastic Surgery performs full-face Fraxel treatments under general anesthesia for your comfort. For the treatment of smaller skin areas, we offer Fraxel treatment under oral or intravenous sedation.


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