Chemical Peels

Many of our clients initially visit us with concerns about facial wrinkles, particularly those pesky vertical lines around the mouth and crow's feet near the eyes. Frequently, these clients inquire about BOTOX™ or dermal fillers as a way to smooth these unsightly wrinkles.


Chemical PeelsWhile BOTOX™ and dermal fillers have their place in addressing the issue of wrinkles and facial lines, they don't work so well for deeply etched, fine lines and wrinkles. In this case, a better bet is a chemical peel.


Here at Mariposa, we offer many levels of chemical facial peels, starting with mild-to-moderate facial peels administered by our aesthetician, Conrad Sanchez, and working up to strong chemical peels that can only be administered by a physician. If you've been seeing Conrad regularly but those fine lines and wrinkles persist, it may be time to consider a stronger alternative.


For strong facial chemical peels, Dr. Morehouse uses trichloroacetic acid, or TCA, that is compounded by our in-house pharmacy, assuring a high-quality product free from additives. A TCA peel does wonders for smoothing etch lines around the mouth and eyes, and it also treats minor pigmentation issues.


Depending on the extent of the chemical peel, it may be administered under local anesthesia or none at all. After application of the TCA, you'll feel a burning sensation not unlike a sunburn. Your skin will turn white and will slough off over the following days, leaving new, pink skin behind. The total experience lasts four to five days. We'll provide you with complete before- and after-peel care instructions prior to the procedure.


Most clients tell us a TCA peel is not too uncomfortable, and they're usually delighted with the results. The effects of the chemical peel should last for several years, which makes this treatment a good value. Please call us at 505-262-7777 for more information about our Chemical peels.

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